If you have a genuine passion for agriculture come join us.

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We moved to a one acre home in Laveen, in 1992.  We were very excited to raise our 4 children in a rural area that encouraged country living.  We bought our 15 acre property, in 1998, with a dream of building a small farm.  With determination we broke ground to build Grandma's Farm, in 2009.  Our dream came full circle when we moved to our "old fashioned, modern day" farm, in 2012.  We hoped to have responses like "It reminds me of my grandma's farm growing up".  We did it!  We've had people make that exact comment.  We are humbled by the wonderful support of our community.   We will continue to work hard to give our community healthy food options.     


We see every seed with expectant eyes and have visions of what it will be when mature.  A stalk of corn waiting for harvest started as a seed; our community's the same. We're planting the seed of brighter tomorrows today. Our Farm celebrates good, hard, honest work.  Come out and help us grow.

it all starts with a seed

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